Loosen My Tie

Have you ever wondered what would happened if you just put your life on hold for a while and tried to chase your dream? This feature length documentary follows David Shultz as he tries to make music his life. We follow him over the span of 5 years, in the studio and on tour to see if he can make his dream a reality.

52 min

  • Civil Engineer 3
  • Attucks Theatre copy
  • Attucks Theatre2 copy
  • CDRelease copy
  • CDRelease2 copy
  • CurtisStudio copy
  • David Philly copy
  • DavidStudio copy
  • DavidStudio2 copy
  • MarcusMattToads copy
  • Nashville copy
  • Nashville2 copy
  • Niagra copy
  • OutboardGear copy
  • Roanoke copy
  • VanBuffalo copy

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